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DBM Portugal
Anabela Ventura, Country Head and Managing Director

DBM Lisbon
Edifício Arcis
Rua Ivone Silva, 6 - 2º
1050-124 Lisbon
Tel: 351 21 383 97 90
Fax: 351 21 383 97 99
e-mail: dbm@dbmportugal.com

DBM Porto
Edifício Park R. da Paz
66, sala 47,48
4050-461 Porto
Tel: 351 22 606 71 23
Fax: 351 22 606 71 22
e-mail: dbmporto@dbmportugal.com

Strategic Solutions to the Challenge of Change
Founded in the United States in 1967 and serving 85 countries, DBM is proud to be the pioneer in providing outplacement services in Portugal.

DBM offers tailored solutions to companies that need to reduce the number of employees due to processes such as downsizing, plant closing, and mergers and acquisitions, working with any level of hierarchy or age.

Since 1992 in the Portuguese market, DBM has gained significant experience in all  industries, planning the processes, developing effective communication strategies and separation notification training.

Outplacement consultancy is a service offered to employees who are affected by the termination of their contracts. Specialised consultants help these professionals to face the challenge of returning to the working market.

Acting simultaneously in three different areas: affected employees, employees remaining with the organisation and company image, DBM offers to companies and to individuals a smooth transition by providing the tools for a quicker solution.

Supported by our consultants, the professional is prepared to find in the shortest time possible and in the most favourable conditions, a new professional situation that fits his or her objectives and reflects the market reality.

DBM provides the support of specialised consultants and logistics needed by the departing employees (office services, job search database tools and library) acquiring techniques and methods to improve the search campaign for a new job, to start a business or for the transition to retirement.

DBM Portugal's history was built based on integrity, dedication, study, research, and respect for people and a profound understanding of the importance of the subtle balance between career and life.

In our work philosophy, human beings always come first, as we believe that treating people with respect, dignity and transparency is the most effective strategy for the human resource management of any organisation.

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Helene Cavalli
Director, Corporate Marketing
Office: 212-692-7719

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